How to Livestream the Ceremony
If you are unable to join us in person for the ceremony, please follow the link below for the St. Brigid YouTube page to watch the livestream. The livestream should begin a few minutes before 2pm EST on May 22nd.
Leah Markowitz & Dustin Ackley

Leah Markowitz


Dustin Ackley

Leah Markowitz and Dustin Ackley

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Our Story

Leah and Dustin are so excited to begin the rest of their lives together and celebrate with all of you at their wedding. While some of you may know the groom, others the bride, or maybe you are extra blessed to know them both, here is a little more about the happy couple and their love story.

Leah and Dustin both call Midland Michigan home. It may be a small town to most, but they love it all the same. Leah works for Trinseo as an improvement engineer managing projects for the Styrene Polymers plant in Midland. Dustin works in accounting at TCF Bank in their commercial loan swaps department.

In their free time, Leah and Dustin love to hang out with friends at game nights or going out to catch up with a drink at Whichcraft. Leah and Dustin also enjoy strolling along in Dow Gardens together or hitting up the Farmer's Market downtown during spring and summer. When the Michigan winters start to roll in, they can often be found attending a Saginaw Spirit game or cuddled up at home watching TV.

Leah also is passionate about singing and acting, and she can often be found onstage at one of the local community theaters performing onstage in musicals and plays. Dustin enjoys getting outdoors and fishing whenever he can, as well as playing the occasional video game on his computer.

Leah and Dustin began dating long distance in October of 2015. Leah was in Midland having just moved there over the summer to begin her job after graduating Rose-Hulman in chemical engineering, and Dustin was finishing his degree in accounting and business management at Texas A&M in Texarkana. Leah and Dustin visited each other every couple months in Midland or Arkansas during their first year of dating. It was a hard year, but it taught them how to treasure every moment together. In September of 2016, they both decided to take a leap of love, and Dustin moved to Midland to be with Leah.

Now a few years and a global pandemic later, they are ready to take their next leap of love together and promise their love and the rest of their lives together. They cannot wait to get married and share what is going to be one of the happiest moments of their lives with you.
Qing Ji