How to Livestream the Ceremony
If you are unable to join us in person for the ceremony, please follow the link below for the St. Brigid YouTube page to watch the livestream. The livestream should begin a few minutes before 2pm EST on May 22nd.
Leah Markowitz & Dustin Ackley

Leah Markowitz


Dustin Ackley


Updated 04/13/21 9:30 AM EST

  1. When is the wedding? The wedding is Saturday May 22nd, 2021.
  2. Where will the wedding be? The wedding will still be in Midland, MI. The ceremony is at St. Brigid Church at 2pm with the reception at Great Hall Banquet & Convention Center. Please see the event tab for more information.
  3. How can I find out about any new changes concerning the wedding? We have fully updated the wedding website with all the new information. We very much appreciate your patience and understanding.
  4. Where is the new reception venue? The reception venue has changed to the Great Hall Banquet & Convention Center in Midland, MI. This was done to allow more guests while still allowing for social distancing. The address and map of the location is located on the Events tab.
  5. When will invitations be sent? All invites have been mailed as of 4/13/21. Please keep your eye out for your invite and RSVP as soon as possible. You may RSVP right now on the wedding website by going to the RSVP tab.
  6. I haven't seen an invitation yet, when can I expect to see one? Invites were all mailed on 4/13 and should arrive shortly after. You may RSVP online before receiving the mailed invite should you prefer.
  7. If I have RSVP'd for the original date, will I need to RSVP again for the new date? Yes. We will send out new invitations and RSVP cards. Online RSVPs is available on the RSVP tab.
  8. How do I RSVP ? You may RSVP in two different ways. You can RSVP online on the wedding website under the RSVP tab. Please ensure you get a confirmation email if you use this method. The second option is to mail the RSVP card that came with your invite. Simply detach the card, write your name, check the box under accept or decline, and then put in the mail. Postage and our address have already been filled out for your convenience. We do ask that you RSVP as soon as possible once you receive your invite.
  9. What if I have more questions? If you have more questions that are not answered here on the wedding website, please reach other to either Leah or Dustin.

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